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Why we have doctrinal issues

Why we have doctrinal issues

Why we have doctrinal issuesOne terrible thing that can happen to a believer’s knowledge of the scripture is making it to reveal your mindset, adjusting in a way to express the thoughts in your heart, and this has become a great problem we face today as a body of Christ.Many doctrines were formed out of …

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So what’s the Use

So what’s the Use

So what’s the Use How does it help you live a better life? How does it make you a sound believer and influence the world around you positively. Yes! It is the doctrine most youths are propagating these days. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not suppose to be something that excites you, fill you …

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The Default Blame Game

The Default Blame Game

When things don’t go the way you expect, the first reaction is to look for who to blame and that is a default human reaction to circumstances, but we need to grow above that and produce a reaction that solves the issue.Have you faced terrible situations that didn’t go your way, maybe a terrible marital …

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