I Promise, I won’t do that again

I Promise, I won’t do that again, I will never raise my hand on my wife for any reason! These were the words of a young man, whose wife had to run away from the house to her mother’s house in the Nation’s capital territory, she really wished to live with him , afterall just five years in the marriage and only one child, the marriage is still fresh, but she had endured pains of death severally, being beaten tremendously with serious bruises on her face several times, her only reason of leaving the husband’s house is to remain alive atleast and heal of all the physical and emotional wounds.

This story is not a fiction, it’s a real experience, after several threats over the phone through whatsapp voice note for her to come back to the house, the only thing she could do was beg , cry , apologize . She is a soft and sweet personality being entangled with the wrong person, but here they are, married!

This is simply a brief of a real story, there are several women in this same situation, and the first question I ask that 99% of them can’t give a clear answer to is “was he like this before you got married“. Has he ever threatened you?  Did he ever slap you or show you any sign of brutality ? Where did you meet in the first place? Did you marry him out of pity or he married you out of pity? As simple as these questions are, I have found out, God is so gracious, he never leaves us without  a red flag, there is always a warning signal, but you know, we are always too smart to observe the signals, he will change, I am sure, he just overreacts sometimes.

A man of God said, “ the devil is not so powerful to turn a man from an angel to a devil just 6 months after marriage”, its all because we have decided to take up the job of the HolyGhost, we are now the ones changing people to what we like, as touching as the story is , we need to think above emotions and tell ourselves the truth, marriage is a lifetime journey whose decisions cannot be taken in sentiments, the emotional torture are just everlasting, come to think of it, this young man in question doesn’t look anything like the allegations she pressed against him, he looks so calm, gentle and collected, you will shocked at his apologies, they look so removed from his personality, but he did it, and that’s his nature.

Do I believe his apologies, absolutely not! Situations that will warrant anger will always come up again and again, and he will still do same thing, I hope you know its only people close to you that drive you mad, that is why self discipline is the ultimate treasure of a young man about to be married, without self discipline , you will be a complete liability.

Be warned, don’t push of warning signals

David Oshin

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