Knowledge Puffs Up

Those that brag and rejoice in knowing the scriptures will soon get into heresies, it’s all a matter of time. Knowledge puffs up, it is love that edifies. Watch out for people who bring new revelation to you everyday, compare their statements, very soon , you will hear them get into heresy, because God’s plan is not for us to prove to people the volume of scriptures we know but to show them the love of God.

Apostle Paul puts it this way , we all have knowledge, knowledge puffs up  but Love edifies, and if any man thinks he knows anything, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know, but if any man loves God, the same is known by him (1st Cor. 8:2-3), so the real proof of scriptural knowledge is the love of God that exudes through you, we need to be very careful in these last days, some people have been anointed of the devil to scatter the flock of Christ with dangerous revelations, and the bible is so wonderful that if you are diligent enough, you can find enough point to back your claim, I have  heard people tell me, there is no Hell, when you die, you die, they brought their claim from the bible, I heard one recently that tried to prove Christ is Lucifer, all from the bible, and this is because the bible is full of stories , you can arrange it to mean whatever you want, but Paul explained that the letter killeth, it is the spirit that gives life (2nd Cor. 3:6), as new testament believers , Paul explained we are not ministers of the letters but of the spirit, so the bible without the interpretation of the spirit will be like an ordinary story book, infact it is dangerous to read because it kills.

The life in the scriptures is unveiled by the Spirit, and he only reveals his will and truth to the meek , he teaches those with a right heart to learn, not those who have a defiled mind to prove a point, you can read the bible and  get more confused because it is a spiritual book, it only reveals life to people searching with a right heart, brethren, be not deceived, don’t rejoice at people who teach the scripture good but at those who live the scripture good, the life is more important than the message.

Jesus our perfect example, began to do and to teach (Acts 1:1), it was a life first before a message, and that is the order a Christian must follow, don’t be so full of knowledge but be full of love, let love be the motivation to know God, let love for him and his word be the motivation to search for truths in the bible, let the things that move God move you and let the things that irritates God irritate you.

Be Guided, a word is enough for the wise

David Oshin

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