Tell Yourself the Truth

Have you heard some believers tell you, it doesn’t really matter what song they listen to or what movies they watch, those things don’t affect them, it is all about the mind. I don’t put my mind on it they say, it is those that put their mind on it that it will affect, infact I have so many friends that smoke, party at nightclubs, but it doesn’t affect me at all because I am disciplined.

I have heard this from some innocent believers , my response is very clear, just tell yourself the truth, everyone is a product of his /her environment, we are ALL influenced by the environment we come from, it forms our value system.

When I say environment here, I don’t only mean our physical environment, because that is not as strong as our mental and emotional environment. A Wise man once said, you will be the same person you are in the next five (5), except for three things, the things you watch, the books you read and the friends you keep, which is all a product of your environment . We are all wired to be influenced by the environment that excites us.

Now back to where we started from, can you really hear and listen to things that are not inline with God’s word and not be influenced? , NO! that is the truth, but can you deceive yourself that it doesn’t affect you ?. YES! This is where the problem lies, self deception is the worst form of deception, this is how some believers get into nasty things in the secret and they wonder how they were capable of doing those things, brethren, everything that goes into you, be it movies, songs, books, whatever is a seed, and the fact you aren’t manifesting the attribute of the seed doesn’t mean the seed is not in you, it just needs proper germination and the right environment to manifest. Those trash you are listening to has already formed seeds in you, and it will be self deception to tell yourself, it doesn’t affect me, am not following their lifestyle, I am just listening to their songs, kindly wait for the well nutured and prepared environment, you will discover all your defences are broken.

Brethren, we are not strong in ourselves, sincerely we aren’t, even the bible admonishes us to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might, we can only be strong in the lord by putting on the whole armour of God, staying in the right fellowship of believers, a lion as strong as he is , been the king of the jungle is only deadly in the midst of his pride, outside the group of other lions, he can be taken down by a rhino or buffalo, the point is tell yourself the truth, you cannot keep listening to inspiration of the devil and be influenced by the Holy Spirit, you cannot set your eyes on ungodly things and be on fire for God, you cannot keep the company of wrong people and be an endtime army, if you really want to please Jesus, then you must separate yourself from everything ungodly and live your life to please the Master Jesus.

David Oshin

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