Desire is the easy Part

How many times have you desired a thing and you were not patient enough to see it succeed ? That is how we are wired, we are wired to easily desire something that entices our emotions, we mentally navigate the whole plan of how it will work, but if for some reason it doesn’t go our way, we begin to lose interest, then fight to sustain the desire.
Brethren, its easy to desire to learn a skill, it is easy to desire a godly relationship, it is easy to desire a fire- filled prayer life , it is easy to desire to be a diligent student of the word, it is easy to desire to be a successful entrepreneur, the list just goes on.
Desire is the easiest part of the adventure, the rosy part is the desire that is so strong in the mind, you were overtly excited about the plan, the feelings so overwhelming, but it is funny, I have met people like that complain and lose complete interest within days, weeks or months for some, they don’t understand there is process to see the fulfillment of the desire which is not rosy at all, so sustaining the desire is the real battle, when the going gets tough, will the excitement continue? When you begin to see the real nature of the lady you were so madly in love with, will the excitement continue? when you get a stressful and demanding job, will the prayerlife and study life still be sustained?
What we need to learn is the art of commitment, it is not the desire that makes anything work, it is raw , undiluted commitment be it a business, a relationship, your love for God, learning a skill or anyother thing you desire, the cost of seeing it succeed is commitment, the kind of commitment that will never give up in the face of crisis, the kind of commitment that will focus on success at the end of the day, without commitment, a desire is only a desire, nothing will come out of it.
So the point is, when the desire comes and you are convinced about it, map out a plan to stay commited to the desire, a realistic plan to keep you going and keep you committed, even though it means working with someone who continually gear you , staying in an environment you can’t think of giving up, think of a realistic plan, remember , desire is emotional, you have to sustain it to remain strong in your heart.
I love you.
David Oshin

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