Its time to dwell in Unity

Our strength is in our unity, we don’t know how much power we can wield as believers if we walk together in unity, thank God for pockets of miracles, signs and wonders we have been experiencing in our different churches and denominations, but think about what will happen if we walk in the unity of the faith, the bible puts it this way, behold! How good and pleasant is it for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard:that went to his garments. (Ps:133:1-2)
Heaven rejoices when brethren dwells together in unity and the exact opposite is the case when the body of Christ divides over very little and insignificant things, the point is we don’t know what we miss when we stand against each other, we don’t how much hurt we cause when we speak against our fellow brother, the bible tells us of the early apostles, they went to their company after every attack from the leaders of those days and the heathen but in their company, there is solace , comfort and strength.
The borders of denominations is getting thicker by the day, and believers judge other believers level of spirituality by the kind of denomination they belong to and not by the content of their spirit and the quality of their character.
Jesus had this to say, by their fruits you shall know them , so the fruits a person produces through his life tells us about the person and not the denomination they attend. The question therefore is , what kind of fruits oozes out of them ? Do they display the character of Christ ?, Do they love God and the interest of the kingdom ? are they humble and easy to corrected by the word, these and many more should be the kind of mindset you should have towards a fellow believer, that is before you even know the denomination they come from.
Thank God for the people we bring to Christ through the preachings of our mouth, but can you statistically estimate the number of people we drag away from Christ through our actions and inactions, can we count the number of people our disunity and lack of character has made them vow they will never know Jesus nor have anything to do with Church.
Brethren, we all need to repent! In one way or the other, we guilty of this but we can develop a new mindset today and see marvelous results
I love you
David Oshin
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