Complaining is a terrible Habit

 When people complain, it is not what they complain of that really matters, it is the attitude of complaining that is important, there is always a genuine reason to complain and throw a fit at something that doesn’t go down well with you, however  developing an attitude of complaining  is more terrible than what you were complaining of, the simple logic is, there is always something to complain about every single day, but developing yourself not to go with the natural inclination of your flesh or your default human nature is a great treasure.

Who really loves to stay with a complainer ? no one! I tell you the truth, but the pain for a complainer is that people are not seeing things the way you see it, so you want to at least make people see it that way, and with that attitude, it becomes irritating to stay around you.

If sins were to be classified, most men will place nagging as a more terrible sin that others, it is because there is something complain does to the soul, it embitters, it discourages, it destroys, the bible explains to us in the old testament  that “ the people complained , it displeased the Lord and God’s anger was kindled upon them” (Num.11:1), just like God, our reborn human spirit repels complain, it is therefore something we must consider putting an end to in our lives, like I said earlier, there is always a genuine reason to complain, all am saying is , if you really want to complain , you are justified before your flesh, but if you think of how God feels, if you think of others first before yourself, then it takes away the legal justification for complains.

Everyone knows there  are no jobs out there, we all know insecurity is everywhere, but complaining day and night will not solve the issue, rather than gather a complaining team on social media with a powerful 4-4-2 formation, think of creative ways to solve the issue, be passionate of doing something in your way that lightens the heavy burden people are already carrying, think of how to help people solve their problems , think of how to be a better version of yourself. Think about this, what you complain about is not as terrible as the habit of complain you are developing, because it will cause you more harm in the side of God and man.

Let us be wise

I love you

David Oshin

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