How to Live in Peace with People

The world would have been a perfect place except for people, as long as there are people , there will always be issues, learning to manage people and live in peace with them is an incredible skill.
Relationships break down because of a lack of people management, marriages crumble because of a lack of management on both sides because people are just people and will always be people therefore there will always be issues staying with people, is the solution now staying away from people ? . Absolutely not! The farther you stay from people the more mysterious they become , the fact is everyone is so sweet and wonderful from afar, the closer you get, the more irritating they become over time, the choice is therefore yours, if you want the person to be like an idol in your heart, you love , admire and revere the person, then don’t get close, and the truth is, it is not everyone you have to get close with , many are better loved from afar, but if you want to bring people closer to your self, you must first admit, they are not angels with sprouting wings, therefore you must be ready to manage whatever strange character the person puts up and love them that way.
The bible admonishes us to follow peace with ALL MEN, that means living in peace with people is a must and the mistake I see many people make over and over again is seeing people as angels from afar and expecting them to be all spotless and perfect when you get close, it almost always ends up in disappointment, whether the person is a Pastor, Apostle, church leader or whoever, people are not good on the close range, even the bible says, there is none that is good (Rom:3:12) , we all have our frailties, we need to therefore discipline ourselves in our relationship choice, who do I bring close ?, who do I love from afar ?, your choice should be based on several factors, one of the crucial factor is compatibility . Compatibility makes two imperfect people live and work together like they are perfect, compatibility makes you know what you can cope with and what you can’t.

It all boils down managing people to bring out the best in them, the better word is loving them inspite of their shortcomings, no one is perfect but everyone can work on being a better version of themselves, the ability to manage people effectively is the required skill to live in peace with ALL MEN, we are all responsible for how we manage good relationships God has assigned on our path of destiny, learn to understand before you react, issues that come from relationship are often called misunderstandings, it is because people hate to be misunderstood, so train yourself to understand first, never assume, what you don’t understand you either ask or forget about it, let peace be the umpire, it is better to accept you are wrong for peace to reign than to prove you are right in a tension filled atmosphere because it doesn’t actually matter what you prove, a peaceful environment is the most important thing.
I love You
David Oshin
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