God’s word doesn’t operate like Social Media

God’s word doesn’t operate like Social Media

When you get so use to social media, you might be tempted to believe your likes and comments matter when it comes to the word of God, unlike social media , God rules by his sovereign  decree and what we feel or say don’t matter, it is only the word of God that counts and he will judge the world by the content of the word.

Thank God for knowledge and so much enlightenment we have received in this generation, but we must also be very careful that we don’t develop a mentality based on our social media exposure, one attitude that has remained with man even from the historical days of the bible is shaping a mentality from a particular trend, whether bad or good, the Israelites were guilty of this, the early church were guilty of this. People always follow what is popular above what God says, so it is in our generation, this is one reason the bible is our eternal guide, it is a book that cannot be adjusted based on the reformed truths of any generation, infact the bible warns that the standing of the lord remains sure, everyone that nameth the name of Christ, should depart from iniquity (1 tim.2:19).

The word of God cannot be improved upon, it is settled in heaven , you either believe it or you don’t, the bible teaches us that the things written to us aforetimes are written for our learning, that we through the comfort of scriptures might have hope, so there is a lot of lessons to learn from the lives of people who lived in the historical days when the bible was compiled, for example, from the scriptures you will understand that a trend that goes on in the society always seek its entry into the church to pollute the people of God, the Corinthian church was guilty of this, the city of Corinth was known to be a highly sexually immoral city, and this was so prevalent that it started creeping into the church. Apostle Paul had to take a hard stand against that by writing several epistles to address that, he blasted the church of Corinth for allowing the man that slept with his father’s wife to continue fellowshipping with them, the same thing is happening now. (1 Cor. 5:1-5)

This wonderful social media generation feel, they can somehow by popular vote make an abnormal thing become a norm even among God’s people, some pastors no longer have a clearly defined terms on topics like gay, lesbianism and abortion, its already creeping into the church, we need to be careful, your likes and comment don’t matter as in the case of social media , only the written word counts.

God’s word is so powerful than even God bows to his word, he magnifies his word than his name, we cannot therefore vote out the truth of God’s word by any legislation, the word is a standard for living, yesterday, today and forever. Humble yourself and obey his word , be renewed in your mind by the word of God and you will live a fulfilled life in Christ, life is more than a popular trend, it is about eternal truths, the truths that binds this life even after a thousand years to come.

Be wise!

I love you

David Oshin

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