Learn to confront!

Learn to confront!

I know people who  live their lives not to offend people, rather than their express their feelings about a particular issue, they internalize it and burn on the inside, some ladies will rather go into their closet cry out all their pains, bath , makeup and go out for the day, as funny as this may sound, this is how some have lived their lives for many years, and they have always been on the receiving side of hurts and pain, self pity and guilt.

You don’t have to live your life like that, there is an understanding I got about pride from the man of God, Andrew Wommack, he said Pride is not just about thinking too high of yourself, it is also about thinking too low of yourself, the whole concept of pride is self-centredness, making self the priority, and many will argue about this, some will not even take it consideration.

Think about this, the only reason  you cannot confront people while they do wrong to you and hurt you  is because you are self centered .   How,  you may ask ? it is because you are so concerned of how the person will feel about you rather than they realizing the wrong they have done.

It is self-centredness to be focused on what people are thinking about you or what people are saying to you rather than doing the right, be moved with principle and standards rather than emotions and sentiment. You cannot control what people may think or say about you, but you can stop them from hurting you by drawing the lines without any sentiment, irrespective of what they say.

Confront issues and people if need be with love and compassion, a reasonable person ought to understand but if the person is un-reasonable cut off and move on with your life. The danger of allowing people hurt you, you bear the pain and they go away is that you are empowering them to keep hurting you and everyother person they meet.

You have to be bold to do the right thing without a feeling of guilt or sentiment, it is a skill you have to cultivate, if a person uses a word against you that you don’t like, be bold to confront people with it and express your opinion, it is their decision to continue or stop if they value you .

Don’t be a trashcan that people feel they can empty all their unneeded emotions, be strong, be bold and very courageous, it may not be your style but you have to develop it to survive, else people will keep playing on your emotions for life,  don’t  try to please everyone, that is a sign of weakness.

I love you

David Oshin

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