Why Fake news cannot stop

One of the reasons fake news cannot end is the high demand for it, just like ponography, despite it being obnoxious, the industry is worth over  $100 billion , we need to understand that what does not promote , edify, uplift you or move you forward is none of your business, when you see topics like “ Exposed! the real truth about Tb Joshua”, “ Apostle Suleman sex scandal, and others, these things fly not because they are true but for the high demand for it, many people don’t want to know the truth, they really wish it can be true, so they will stick to social media pages that will keep feeding them with lies.

I have always said it that people are the same in every generation, else, how do you think the early disciples could have been crucified and killed for good works, how do you think Jesus was heavily hated by the religious people, that is simple definition of why some people can go any length to defame Ministers of the Gospel, it is the same spirit that killed the early prophets and buried their sepulcher, we must be very careful that same contagious evil Spirit doesn’t get hold of us, I hope you know spirits don’t die, they have been controlling people from generation to generation, standing against the Gospel and the good works of God.

Forget it! Fake news cannot end, since in our generation, you cannot just drag out the men of God and beat them up like they did to Paul, Peter and the other apostles, then they drag them on social media, insult them, lie against them and destroy their reputation. My concern is not even about the people of the world, it is about the spirit controlling the children of God, we need to be very careful, we shouldn’t help in spreading the gospel of fake news, every view you give to the fake news media, helps to promote their gospel, and it also suggests the video to  friends and family, rather promote fake news, promote the truth, promote righteousness.

When someone comes out to say he knows the real truth about a man of God, just ignore, even though he claims to be a worker, he is probably one of those greedy people who left the ministry, see, the truth is , what is the essence of telling us the real truth, ok, so that we can do what. Keep the real truth to yourself! We don’t need it, as believers, we need to take heed what we hear, everything we listen to influences us and once we begin to allow just anybody get into our lives with useless information, it begins to change our orientation and mindset, your mind is being renewed negatively. You don’t need all that.

Let us be careful

I Love You.

David Oshin

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