When Money finds the wrong hands

It was myles munroe of blessed memory that said, when the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable, it is therefore safe to stay away from anything we don’t actually know the purpose of, but many people will not take this approach, we redefine the purpose of things by our desire for it.

Money is good thing when the purpose is fully discovered , but a terrible thing when you don’t understand the purpose , the bible warns that “ the Love of Money is the root of all evil”, not money itself but the Love of it. Money doesn’t have any evil attached it to it, it takes up the character of the person possessing it, without a proper understanding of the purpose of wealth and prosperity, you will cause more havoc than good.

The love of Money is truly the root of  most evil we see today, a young generation ready to go any length for money without a true purpose , an older generation  ready to spoil the younger generation with money just to satisfy their lust. This is the scenario we have found ourselves in this country  and we are losing it everyday, our culture is declining, people who should be teaching morals are defiling young people and enticing them with money just for self pleasure, how long shall we continue like this ?

When money is in the hand of a wrong user, money destroys lives, destroys destinies and aspiration of young girls with great potentials, all long lasting evil in any society is heavily sponsored, terrorism is sponsored by a lot of money, untold evils are sponsored by a huge sum of money.

One reason I love true believers bring extremely prosperous is because it will find true purpose in expanding God’s kingdom and blessing humanity, but believers fight the very concept of prosperity, to them it is a sin to live a life of affluence. True believers shouldn’t just be prosperous but extremely prosperous because a lot of good will be wrought with money in their hands, a true believer cannot sponsor terrorism, rather he will promote the gospel, a true believer cannot use his money to be defiling the destinies of young girls rather he will give them a platform to rise, a true believer needs to be rich, he needs to put his hands to the plough and not just expect miracle rain that comes once in between seasons, he needs to invest and become part of the wealth creation system, we need to be in charge financially to stop some this mess going on and it all begins with knowing the true value of money

I Love you

David Oshin

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