Must you learn through Hard Knocks

 Must you learn through Hard Knocks

Must you learn by experience, I mean you reading this post right now, must you learn through hard knocks. A wise man once said, you can learn from people’s experience, it is only a fool that learns from his own experience and that is if he is privilege to be alive to learn from his experience.

God in his infinite wisdom teaches us through different circumstances that happen around us everyday, we must not wait to experience it  before we can learn, I once heard a caller on a radio program appreciate a relationship coach, he said thank you so much ma, if I had met you 3 years earlier I wouldn’t have entered into this mess,  the truth is 90% of the time, that statement is an innocent lie. God always arranges people to guide us before we fall into any mess, but our stubbornness makes us not to learn.

Now, you are meeting me three years earlier, I hope you will do something with this message, in my opinion , the relationship coach had always been teaching the same message, but the time the man got into trouble, he was ready to listen. You don’t  have to be like that, it is foolishness to learn from hardknocks, there are thousands of experiences to teach us lessons everyday.

For instance, social media has been awash with the news of the billionaire that died in the hands of a 21 year old side chic, I mean, that is enough experience for someone to learn, but trust me, some men still went to the hotel with side chics that same day, because they wont just listen, then something happens now, his testimony will be “ I wish I met you three years before”, now I am speaking to you three years ahead, listen and learn.

There is a story in the bible that touches me so much, it is Lazarus and the rich man,(luke 16:19-31)  the moral of the story for me is, when the rich fool was in hell, he lamented over the sufferings and told Father Abraham to send Lazarus from the dead to go and warn his brothers because had five (5) brothers and he doesn’t want any of them to come to where he was suffering. Father Abraham told him they have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them, If they wouldn’t hear them neither will they be persuaded if one rises from the dead. If you cannot hear from Moses (the word) and the Prophets (the prophetic warning from God’s prophets), even if Jesus comes down to warn you, you will not still hear, so we need to be careful.

Sometimes, you feel this warning should be for unbelievers but even the bible says Judgement must begin from the house of the Lord, there are many believers who are still engaged in iniquities and atrocities, the coming of the Lord is close, Repent and change now, you don’t need to experience a tragic event to make you know God is real.

Let us be warned.

I Love you

David Oshin

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