We can neglect principles and sustain results

When we neglect principles, we are embracing mediocrity and a substandard life, principles guide, sustain and maintain integrity of result. We are gradually breeding a generation that has no respect for fundamental principles that produces success in every endeavor of life, we hope that someway we can bend our way through and get results, after all, it is about making it and having a lot of money.

The truth is, it is not about money, but about leaving a pathway for that successful feat to be reproduced, a success that cannot be duplicated and multiplied is not a true success, a success whose path cannot be duly followed should not be emulated.

To the young girl, to the young boy, we need to sit down and learn the fundamental principles that guide the success of certain individuals that we envy today, the good thing about principle is that you can reproduce same and teach others also.

To the successful woman, to the successful man, give a shoulder to that young man who really wants to understand the principles, either by writing books or whatever form you feel most comfortable to you. A truly successful person is one that sees other take the same route he took with same level of discipline achieve the same level of result.

I understand we are in a digital age where young people with fantastic ideas are doing strange things, but it doesn’t still pull away the fundamental principles of success, this is one reason, some that had heavy blow couldn’t sustain it after a period of time. They never learnt nothing, they thought it was all about making it.

This period that you are trying to make ends meet, learn all you can learn so when opportunities comes, you can stick to those principles and sustain the integrity of results. We have a great advantage as a country because of our diverse population, so the needs of the people are un-ending, young people with great talents can find means of getting ahead with their honed skills and talents.

If you want to maintain all you have gathered by grace within a short period, then you must be an addicted learner, learn principles of those that sustained wealth for decades, read books, watch videos, get mentors and do all you can to stay relevant in your field.

I love you.

David Oshin

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