What You Watch Matters!

Don’t tell me what you watch doesn’t matter, don’t tell me what you read doesn’t affect you, don’t tell me what you hear doesn’t change you. A lot of people are victims of self-deceit because they just refuse to admit the truth to themselves, you cannot live in self-deceit and become a success,  man is basically a product of what he sees, reads and  hears, the dreams you are pursuing today is a result of someone inspiring you in that direction, the way you dress today is a result of what you read or saw somewhere.

Every society is shaped in morals and values by who is presented to them as heroes, so we must be very careful who has the hero/ heroine spot in our lives because we will be automatically tilted towards that direction without even knowing, who you listen to reflects in your words and determines your association, it matters who speaks words of wisdom in your life, it matters who mentors you in life, it matters who mentors you on social media , your life is gradually going towards that direction without even observing.

The truth is when change occurs, the person changing is not even aware anything is happening, it is the people around you who are honest enough to talk to you that reveals the changes they see in your life, it is as simple as growing big or fat, you don’t wake up to see any part of your body growing out but the change is taking place by virtue of  your consumption rate, samething  occurs when you begin to consume the wrong information, you don’t even know you are changing but honest people around you can detect something is wrong.

You don’t have to wait till the time people tell you something is wrong, once you start reading or listening to the wrong stuff, you should tell yourself the truth “I am changing”, one major proof to show you are actually changing is that fact that you are comfortable watching the wrong stuff .  You should know by now what you can watch and what you cant. Apostle Paul said, all things are lawful, but not all are expedient, which means to me, some things might not necessarily be bad but it is not helpful for your spiritual growth, it is not helpful for your dreams and aspirations, you should cut them off.

A lot of us have too many hobbies that makes it increasingly difficult to be truly focused on a task to achieve result, we watch comedies, watch all manner of videos, all that has no relationship with our goals, then we wonder why we have no drive and motivation to keep up with our dreams.

Taking the path of least convenience is what social media promotes and we need to be very careful, just be sincere, don’t claim to be matured to handle it, if it will not be positive to your dreams and visions , simply cut it off, if maturity is the thing, how come very successful billionaires still fall prey to sexual lust and perversions, some still have side chicks even at 50 years and above, it is because this is more than maturity,  it is about association, keep the right company and you will avoid putting your life into a mess.

Watch things that are in tandem with your vision, read books that keeps inspiring you in the right direction, associate with people that share same dreams and aspirations with you, you are not all that strong, but you can be very wise by staying truthful to yourself.

I love you

David Oshin

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