From generations to generations, people have remained the same in attitude and character, people of different race and color have exhibited same trait, it is very easy to understand how people react in certain circumstances.

Friends, do not be shocked at some individuals who have made it their lifetime business to ridicule, attack and plot all manner of evil devices against the church of Christ, it has always been for  generations and it is certainly not new.

A wiseman once said, there is nothing new under the sun except you are new under the sun, in the time of Paul, some made a vow to destroy  the life of paul, the bible revealed to us “some jews formed a conspiracy and bound themselves with an oath not to eat or drink until they had killed Paul (Acts 23:12)”.

It is not today people form conspiracy against men of God, most times people are always victims of bandwagon effect, so they foolishly join people who have demonic motives to castigate men of God, we must beware , the bible warns us “not to follow the multitudes to do evil” (Ex.23:2) because we will become victims of what they suffer.

We must understand everything we do in our life is a seed and we will surely reap the reward of it, those who stand against the work of God will be duly rewarded and we must be careful not to be a partaker of their reward. When you ridicule God’s work and his prophet , you place a curse on your life and your generation , no amount of civilization can take away God’s curse upon a man, so lets be warned!

Social media activists , BE WARNED! Who is he that can fight his maker and survive, BE WARNED! You can deceive yourself that there is no life after now, you are atheist and all that, you can even deceive yourself that you are an activist for humanity, it doesn’t matter, God told saul, it is hard for you to kick against the pricks, only very few survive it , I tell you.

I Love you

David Oshin

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