Why some people don’t believe in Miracles

Why some people don’t believe in Miracles

When you see people that don’t believe in miracles, be grateful to God that you can believe, I heard the wise words from to Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, “many people don’t believe in miracles until they need one desperately”,  the point is , if you can believe in God, then you should believe in miracles because Christianity itself is a miracle.

When you get down to the basis and talk with people who claim not believe in miracles, you will see it’s a sentiment they developed based on pure ignorance, their concept of a miracle is what has hindered their understanding, some will tell you “if God works miracles, why did my sister die of cancer, we prayed and did all we can”, I don’t believe, its just luck , if it is true at all. some will even go to the extent of believing all miracles are staged no matter how convincing the scenario is.

Lets get this straight! God works miracles everyday in the lives of people that believe in him, those that throw out their faith desperately in need of his hand get his miraculous touch, but God is never to be blamed for anyone who didn’t get healed or delivered or get restored, there are principles to healing and miracles, people ignore these principles expecting God to heal them no matter what, when they don’t get healed, they point their accusing finger on God or ministers of the Gospel in the healing line.

The bible tells us about Jesus, he desired to heal everyone in his hometown (Nazareth), but he couldn’t! can you imagine that! Even the savior couldn’t heal some people, that is simply because God is not a magician (Mark 6:5-6), he is a miracle worker, Jesus explained why he couldn’t, he said their unbelief hindered him.

So if Jesus couldn’t just heal everyone on the street, then how does this argument hold “if the miracles are real, let them go to the hospital and heal everyone there”, there is no probability everyone there will be healed because God doesn’t do magic, he heals by faith in his word and his prerogative of mercy.

Bishop Oyedepo once said “what you do and you don’t do doesn’t move God, it is obedience to his word that moves him”, rather than becoming a full stack unbeliever over a wrong emotional sentiment, be humble enough to admit God can never be wrong, if there is anyone wrong, it has to be man.

God still heals today, he performs miracles through the hands of his anointed vessels, we can only stop the move of God on our lives through unbelief, don’t be an agent against God, believe in miracles, believe in God .

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