When we are overwhelmed with the beauty and brilliance of the natural, we begin to lose consciousness of the supernatural. Actually, it looks like you are still in control because you deceive yourself to believe everything is under your control but the first thing you will discover is that your sensitivity to spiritual things is waning, things you once  detested when you first got born again don’t look that terrible  any more, after all, its just been over spiritual, its just been religious, you will say.

The bible warns us expressly not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that suggest to us a continuous work. Renewing of your mind  works like a phone/laptop  charger, no matter how much you charge it, you need to keep charging to enjoy its features continuously.

You cannot charge a battery and use it consistently for a month, just take it that way, everything you read or hear is a seed and it does something in you, it either kills you or moulds you. It is the word of God that moulds us just as clay in the hands of the potter, most of the news we give ears to on a daily basis kills us, it kills the faith and hope inside us and we need to stop taking these death pills.

Most of the things we watch as entertainment only empowers our flesh to gain dominion over our spirit man, we need to be very careful to place our priorities right. What is your priority, redefine it on a daily basis, if seeking God’s kingdom as a lifestyle is not a priority on a daily basis in your life, you will be shocked how neckdeep you have gone in Sin in just one month without you observing anything.

Watch it! Take what goes into you seriously, you might need to cut off relationships with people who don’t inspire you spiritually, even good Christians who discuss carnality and death, make a personal decision to live a kingdom first approach lifestyle in everything you do , you will discover you have escaped so many pitfalls that a lot of Christians fall in.

I love you

David Oshin

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