If there is any generation that needs this phrase, then it is this generation. We have become overtly concerned about people’s personal lives and ministries, we have the best advice but no result to prove it. We know everything about what a person can do with his money yet we don’t have money, we know how to run universities for free to help the poor, we are just so blessed with ideas to help the people that already have results of what you are talking about.

The bible says make it a goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands…(1 Thess. 4:11 (NIV)), the time most people spend in analyzing people’s personal lives is enough to constructively get them out of poverty and penury, making people your personal business is one reason your business is still out of shape.

Mind your business! You have no business teaching a pilot how to fly a plane if you are not a pilot, just mind your business. We lose too much focusing our emotional energy in things we have no idea how it runs, I don’t understand what we want to prove.

The bible explains that we should make it a goal in life to live a quiet and focused life, don’t let the devil mess up your life all in the name of social media trend, if you are not emotionally strong to handle social media then get off it or atleast employ people to help you manage your social media accounts so you can maintain your sanity.

How much time have you really invested in your personal growth and development ? How much time have you invested in learning how to grow your business from verified successful men in that field? How much of quality time do you spend in learning the word of God ? How much time do you spend praying ?

We know all the latest about people’s live on social media but there are some believers who haven’t opened their bible in the last two weeks, yet they convince themselves that they are busy. Imagine 2 weeks of facebook consumption without sanitizing with scriptures, we need to be careful.

If you mind your business so well, your personal business will become people’s business on social media because some will just never change, but I know you will change, you will put the right things first, you will put God first and you will mind your business.

I love You

David Oshin

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