Touch not my Anointed!

This phrase is so popular surprisingly among unbelievers and believers who make a mockery of God’s prophets. They are so excited to share stories of fake prophets caught in a dirty acts, they use a fake prophet to qualify all true prophets in town.
The truth is “there is nothing new under the sun, except you are new under the sun”, Apostle Peter explained that there shall be false prophets and teachers in the last days (2nd Pet. 2:1), so it shouldn’t surprise anyone, the bible further explained that even satan will be transformed to an angel of light, (2nd Cor. 11:13-14) there is nothing special about what is happening, it is only a fulfillment of scriptures.

Come to think about it, the word fake suggests an original somewhere , there cannot be fake except there is an original, we must therefore be very careful not to join this social media generation to condemn true prophets of God.
Social media will pass away but God’s word will not go unfulfilled, if you speak against God’s true prophet you will incur his wrath, that is scriptural, do your research , from Genesis to Revelation, there is no one that ever stood against God’s prophet and won, you can do all you want, castigate them, imprison them or even kill them, but you can never win against an anointed prophet of God.

Touch not my anointed is not an advice or admonition, it is a command! You go against his command you face his wrath, no matter who you are, a king, a politician , a social media influencer or whatever. I believe one mystery that social media generation must understand is that God does not run a democratic system of government, it simply means your vote don’t count! Popular opinion has no impact. It is called a Kingdom, a king in a domain. God rules by his word forever. If you cannot respect his word you are doomed because he will use his word to judge you on the last day.
Friends, beware! Man will always be a victim of bandwagon effect forever, the word of God counsels us that wide is the gate that leads to destruction, but narrow is the way to life. If you follow the crowd to dishonor a true prophet of God, you will crash when they crash no matter who you are.

Someone will ask, but how will I know a true prophet of God ? My own question is do you have the Holy spirit? If you have the Holy Spirit, if you allow him, he will guide you into all truth. The truth is many believers today are not following the leading of the Spirit, they are busy following the profiles of people on social media, so they are utterly confused, they cannot discern nothing anymore.Repent ! Repent today! Reconnect to the spirit of guide and learn. Honor his word and his prophets sent to our generation.
God bless you
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