Am Tired of all these Churches! Abeg!

Then who cares? If you are tired of the church, you can go the shrine. If you are tired of worshipping God , you can gladly go to the devil, his arms are opened wide to receive you.

People use these deceptive , sympathetic arrows to malign the church of Christ and the body of Christ as a whole. I overheard a young man speak on radio, he was of the opinion that he is completely tired of the church, in his own words” the church don like money pass the world, I don tire for all these churches , abeg !”, then the presenter reasoned with him.

The truth is most of the people who give bitter complain about the church are not even members of any church, they don’t serve in any local assembly, they have no input whatsoever in the activities of the church.

Even football fans don’t leave their clubs because they performed woefully in a season or lost a prestigious title, that shows you how loyal people are to clubs and players that don’t know them and might never recognize them for life.  There are some arsenal fans that has remained committed for life, year in year out  and the club has not won any major title, so what are we saying.

While I admit the church has its own flaws , the church is not perfect yet, but that is not new. The Corinthian church still had a man that sleeping with his father’s wife, despite flowing in all the gifts of the spirit (1 Cor. 5:1-5), they still had gossips , envy and all manner of issues but they dealt with it scripturally.

Bringing the matter of the church before the opinion of the general masses is blowing up our dignity and it has to stop, the church is a family and no responsible member of any family disgraces or leaves the family over disputes, insults or quarrels, it is all part of what makes a family.

Anyone tired of the church should just leave, he was never among us in the first place (1 Jn. 2:19), their master the devil is only using them to scatter the church and bring disunity amongst us.

Do your statistics, those that complained the hardest about the principle of tithing are not committed members of any church, they are just social commentators on an assignment for the devil.

We need to be very careful, the church remains the bride of Christ, and a stone of offence, anyone that comes against it will be broken and anyone that she comes against will be grounded to powder,(Matt. 21:44),  lest you partake of their judgment, come out from among them . Don’t be a follower of the crowd, don’t join those who listen to the message of the prophets of God to a make a joke and a caricature of it. God is love and also a consuming fire.

Let us be warned

I love you

David Oshin

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