How to Recognize False Doctrines

How to Recognize False Doctrines

A lot of people in the body of Christ today are confused as to which doctrine is true or false, before it was easier to recognise, anything that doesn’t stem from scriptures is false and should be thrown out, but now there is a lot of advancement in false doctrines.

Apostle warned us of the last days about False teachers and False prophets and we should note especially from the teachings of Jesus is that even the very elect might be deceived. So the last days are very peculiar days. The question then is how can I recognize a false doctrine.

In simple words, a false doctrine is one that doesn’t promote or edify the body of Christ. Its purpose is to cause division rather than unity, whether the teachings are gotten from the bible or not, its ultimate purpose is division not edification. When you hear false doctrines something inside you (your spirit) stands up to contend.

The last days have come with many skillful teachers who are deceiving people with “hot revelations”, the simple question is: what purpose is it serving ? Does it edify ? Does it unify the body of Christ? Does it promote Jesus or the wisdom of the man of God ?

Paul made some profound statements to Timothy, he warned him to charge them that teach other doctrines to desist from it. What’s rather striking to me is that, he explained the characteristics of a true doctrine , it must be full of love, pure heart , good conscience and sincere faith. It must not minister questions rather godly edifying in the faith. It must not swerve people to meaningless talk. All these and more was in the short exhortation of Paul to his son in the faith Timothy.(1 Tim. 1:3-7)

What do we have today , hot revelations like ” Every pastor that ask for your tithe is a thief”, “Holy Communion should be Abolished ” . yes! Powerful revelation, but what is the motive! Is it out of Love. One question we should keep asking people with powerful revelation is “MOTIVE”.

Its not only what you say that matters, what you don’t say in what you have said matters more, our fathers of old knew this principle, Good heart!!! They loved God sincerely, loved souls, loved the word and saw marvellous results. Men like Smith wigglesworth, Apostle Ago Babalola, Kathryn kulhman were not the deepest in revelation, but their heart was pure.

Faith with defiled conscience is what the young generation is majoring in, that’s why they don’t have results , God doesn’t look like man, he sees the Heart, preach and teach with pure motive, my friend. It delivers God’s kind of result.

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