Don’t get it twisted so you don’t end up in regret. If you feel justified attacking Men of God because you believe they shouldn’t live a prosperous life, they should live like Jesus, you know , Jesus walked on the street, he never used anything luxurious and all that , then you really need to understand the whole concept of the attack.

While Jesus was on the earth, the people of his time didn’t accept him, the Israelites felt a true king should come in such royalty and majesty, they wanted him to come as a physical king and save the people. He was rejected because he didn’t match up the expectation of their ideal savior, the bible explains to us, he came to his own but his own people rejected him and that mentality still lives in the jews till this date. They are awaiting their true savior, they didn’t believe in him, only few believed in him.

The point here is, Men have an idea of whom they expect to be a prophet, a savior or pastor and whatever, but man’s ways are not God’s ways, so the devil takes advantage of that to bring them into destruction. The people he came to save later stood against him and crucified him but in the wisdom of God, he was on a mission.

God therefore allowed it because it had to fulfill a purpose, not because Jesus was weak and unable to defend himself with the spiritual arsenals at his disposal. Now, this is the pure truth, if the people attacking the prophets of God today because of their luxurious lifestyle were present in the days of Jesus, they would have also attacked him because that was not their expectation.

The reason for the attack therefore is not because of the abundance around them but for the demonic manipulation on the lives of people, this is why you must be careful, the devil can use just anybody. If he could use Judas, as close as he was to Jesus then you are vulnerable. The spirit prompting you to attack the anointed of God is the REAL PROBLEM, not even what they are doing because most of what is reported about them by social media, blogs and youtube channels are lies.

What if it’s the plan of God for them to be wealthy, then you are actually attacking God and the truth is ,God’s plan is prosperity, as long as you are a faithful steward he will prosper you. When people attack miracles and call it fake, its not new, Jesus the greatest miracle worker was also called fake, they claimed he got his power from the devil(Beelzebub). My advice therefore is “leave spiritual things as spiritual”, what you don’t understand, seek to understand or forget about it.

Keep your head safe!

I love you

David Oshin

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