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Religion, the Problem of Africa! How True?

Excuse me, so religion is the reason why the government cannot repair bad roads. Religion is the reason the government cannot provide good hospitals to the extent the president  flies abroad for medical checkup. Is religion the reason for the mismanagement of public funds ? is religion the reason Africa is underdeveloping ?

Excuse me! What do you call civilization?  Legalization of gay,  lesbianism and abortion like it is in the US or gross manipulation of the natural body God gave to us through technology.

Brethren , do not be deceived! Every civilization that occurs outside God leads to greater darkness, a sheep running without a shepherd is not freedom, he will only realize it after a period of time.

Christians in the US and other parts of the world envy the Christianity in Africa, they envy the move of God going on here. At the just concluded  40th anniversary,  a Pastor that came all the way from the USA to faith tabernacle, canaanland , Ota, Nigeria confessed that “although they brought the gospel to Africa but right now they need the gospel from Africa to America”  he also added , he received a divine encounter where God instructed him  to connect to the Grace of God upon the life of  Bishop David Oyedepo , he began reading books and consuming all the materials he could find of his teaching before he eventually connected as a Son in the house, one striking statement from his mouth was that : many other pastors in America have received similar encounters with straight instruction to connect to the Grace.

You see,  what I can see is the repeat of what happened in Nazareth when Jesus was alive, Jesus said from his mouth “ A prophet is not received in his home town”, we need to hold on this revival bursting forth in Africa before we lose it.

I know someone might be saying which revival, well that’s simply because you have spent too much time on social media reading blogs and watching videos that have distracted your attention from what is truly happening.

Revival is here ! my friend! You better see it. When reinhard bonnke, the greatest evangelist was to end his ministry, God directed him to Nigeria to conduct his last crusade and release his mantle, when morris cerullo was to go to Glory he came to Nigeria to drop his mantle.

Are you surprised Kenneth Copeland has been frequent in Nigeria for some years now, Evangelist Benny Hinn has also connected with pastor chris in Nigeria, if you don’t know, there is revival in this country. Wake up!

Forget all this nonsense “ Religion is the problem of Africa”, with a failed government, the church is the only beam of light in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, so rather than condemning the church with those sons of the devil who call themselves bloggers, thank God for his presence in Africa, if you take Christianity out of Africa , we are completely doomed. God forbid.

I love you

David Oshin

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