Knowing how to Preach is not enough to be a Pastor

Knowing how to Preach is not enough to be a Pastor

I caught a word many years ago from a great man of God, Pastor chris , he said “that can you preach more than your pastor doesn’t make you a pastor, respect his office”.

This is a fact many young believers in the faith do not understand, they believe having an excellent ability to dissect the word puts you in a position of a pastor or even better than your pastor, when I use the term pastor, for me it’s a generic term for the offices of the ministry, which includes , Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, evangelists and teachers.

Starting a church ministry or non-denominational ministry requires a call, an exceptional ability to explain scriptures is not a substitute for a call, people hailing you and calling you to minister on their altars doesn’t equate to a call.

A call is so important because when the chips are down, it’s the anointing on the call that will bail you out, ministers of the Gospel face diverse challenges throughout the course of their ministry, you cannot face these without the anointing of the caller backing you.

Let me expound this a little, everyone in the body of Christ has a definite call to preach and teach, we are called to proclaim the truth of the gospel, we are called to disciple and teach people the truth ,but few are specifically called in the body of Christ to perform a different function, they are given gifts by Jesus to function in the office of the ministry with a specific mandate, specific responsibilities, that, on its own has a specific anointing backing it.

Having a passion to serve Jesus in whatever capacity is not a substitute to a call to the office of the ministry, a lack of understanding of this is why some vibrant youths, very vast in the word get so angry with the older men of God making so much exploits even without the same depth they have,  although , it is required a minister of the gospel called into the office to know how to preach and teach the word but that is not a substitute for exploit in ministry, because exploit is simply doing all the sender has commanded you, if you are faithful at it, he will keep expanding you  , no matter how anybody feels about it.

Some people get so frustrated, irritated and then begin to read all manner of meanings to what some other men of God are doing because they know they preacher than them but the results are poles are apart.

Preaching good is not a substitute to a call to the office of a ministry, the best advice any minister of God can have is to run in your lane, because each one will give account of his own work before God, seek God to receive clarity of vision concerning what God has called you to do and in what capacity he has, truth be told, many pastors have no business starting a church, their glory and dignity is in serving in another church, while some others confuse serving under a ministry to being specifically called of God, just learn from a man like Bishop  Abioye, he use to say God only told him to “Follow Bishop Oyedepo”, God never called him to preach , it was bishop oyedepo that called him to preach.

Have that understanding clear, when you are called to serve in a ministry, you are called to serve whosoever God has placed as the shepherd of the ministry, be faithful there and he will keep increasing you.

Bishop Abioye once said when asked why he hasn’t started his own church ” it is better for me to be number 2 in God’s agenda than to be number 1 in my own agenda

I love you

David Oshin

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