Discerning a True Prophecy from God


It is very important that a believer knows how to  discern a wrong prophecy, no matter who is giving it
whether a pastor, a prophet or whosoever, by the help of  the spirit of God a young believer should be able to detect  any prophecy that comes from seducing spirits even  though the person prophesying says “thus saith the lord”.  We are in a generation where prophecy has been greatly  abused in the church and its purpose overtly twisted,  many fake prophecies everywhere, some even quote the  prophecies from the bible but we need to grow above  deceit, the fact that a person quoted scriptures to back a  prophecy up doesn’t mean the prophecy is from God, this  is what this book will address by the inspiration of the  Holy Spirit. I strongly believe that the book is timely to  the body of Christ now because it will be wrong to stay on  one side of the road about prophecy because of the level  of fake prophecies in town

Prophecy is a powerful gift from God for the edification of  the church which is his body, every prophecy from God strengthens and builds up the church, but a wrong  prophecy tears apart the church, it divides the church  and brings a spirit of disunity. The devil much more than  ever is willing to tear apart the church of God by bringing in wrong prophecies to keep people in fear, torment and hatred.

In this book,  you will learn how to discern a true prophecy from God


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