What the Bible Says about Doctrines


I am so sure the book will be a blessing to you, it is so important we spread the message, the message is CHRIST, while it is not wrong to have doctrines in churches they shouldn’t overshadow the message which is Christ and they must be biblically balanced on the truth. Our eyes must be on Jesus always (Heb. 12:2), he is the author and finisher of our faith, if the whole body of Christ looks onto Jesus then we will come into the unity of the faith (which is Christ), and the knowledge of the son of God (Christ), and to the stature of the fullness of Christ, this will in turn lead to the edification of the body of Christ. God wants us to be united with him in faith, we need to drop our doctrinal differences and stand in ONE FAITH, ONE LOVE because we have ONE CHRIST, ONE HOLY GHOST, ONE SALVATION and ONE HEAVEN.

The major challenge confronting the body of Christ today is the subject of doctrines, we have suffered greatly from diverse kinds of doctrines that has brought the spirit of separatism,criticism and“our church is the best mentality” and because our generation has not taken out time to search for themselves what the bible says about doctrines, these doctrines thrive on believers ignorance.

All these years no one has bothered to find out how scripturally authentic these doctrines are, it has become a tradition that must be passed on and not be questioned. The fact that a doctrine has been in existence for donkey years doesn’t make it true, it is not the number of years it has been that authenticates a doctrine or belief. It is the word of God authenticating it that makes us believe it. The writings of this book is not aimed at attacking any personality or church , it is about x-raying what we have believed over the years with the word of God.




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